Custom Boxing Semi Contact Shoes Manufacturer:

Boxing semi contact shoes are an essential product of equipment for any boxer. They provide the support and stability needed to make powerful, accurate punches.

There are two types of boxing shoes: those designed for training and those designed for competition.

Training shoes are typically heavier and have more padding than competition shoes.

This extra padding helps to protect your feet during intense training sessions.

Competition shoes, however, are lightweight and provide less padding to move around more easily.

Boxing semi contact shoes combine the best features of both training and competition shoes.

They are lightweight and provide moderate padding, making them perfect for sparring or exhibition matches.

Our selection includes low-cut and high-top shoes to find the perfect pair of boxing shoes for your needs.

We also carry a variety of colors and sizes so that you can find the perfect match for your uniform.


– Made of durable synthetic leather.

– Padded collar and tongue for extra support and cushioning.

– Look good and feel good while doing it.


These shoes were designed for the modern-day warrior. They’re made of durable synthetic leather and breathable mesh fabric lining. So you can stay comfortable while you train.

If you are looking for a shoe that can help you take your training to the next level, look no further than Boxing Semi Contact Shoes from us.

We are a wholesale manufacturer and private label supplier.

These shoes are designed to provide the support and stability you need when hitting the gym, and the semi-contact design makes them perfect for boxing or martial arts training.

Boxing sparring shoes are also lightweight and comfortable, so you can wear them all day without feeling weighed down.

It can protect your ankle from being injured during a match.

One of the best things about Boxing training Shoes is that they are very comfortable.

It means you can wear them for long periods without discomfort.

Additionally, the shoes are designed to be breathable, so you won’t have to worry about your feet getting sweaty while you are.

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